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What kind of foundation is your business built on? No matter how strong the physical building is, any company is still vulnerable to damage if it’s not built on the cornerstones of ethics, integrity, honesty and accountability. The costs of unethical behavior to your business can be staggering… but they can also be prevented!

Whether your organization has dealt with ethical dilemmas in the past — or you just want to prevent them in the future — Chuck Gallagher can help. His own fall from grace years ago gave him an even deeper understanding of the power of choices and consequences — a message he’s passionate about sharing through unique insights and solutions that can make a world of difference in strengthening your business and the people in it.

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 How Chuck Helps Build Ethics Awareness

Keynote Speaking

Looking for an ethics keynote speaker who can deliver a message that really makes a difference? Chuck’s own real-life experience with choices and consequences gives him the unique ability to talk about ethics beyond legal and compliance issues. He delves deeper to explore the underlying human factors and focuses on how to help people make the right choices in their business and personal lives.

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If you want to increase ethical behavior by your employees or associates, then you’ll need to change the simplicity of rationalizing your actions. Consulting with organizations of all sizes has shown that Chuck’s laser-pointed focus on behavior motivators and methods to increase awareness of how and why ethical choices make sense, has moved the needle in a positive manner allowing people to make ethical choices, not because that have to, but because they want to. Chuck will work with you to evaluate your current process and improve the motivators toward natural ethical action in your organization.

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Virtual Training

In talking with a Fortune 100 client recently, Chuck asked, “How do you train your employees (some 27,000) on ethics?” Their response was, “It’s not easy!” Virtual Training Associates provides a solution to the problem.  How do we effectively train our employees and provide an effective legal defense in the event an employee goes rogue? Industry leaders such as Chuck Gallagher (Ethics), Scott McKain (Distinction), Lenora Billings-Harris (Diversity), and many more provide comprehensive online training that is not only state of the art effective, but provides a powerful legal foundation for HR and Compliance needs. For more information on Chuck’s effective ethics training and a free trial visit: VirtualTrainingAssociates.com.

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