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See How Chuck Is Changing the Way Businesses and Employees Approach Ethics

Chuck Gallagher Shares His Real-Life Experience that Translates to Your Real-Life Results

Business ethics keynote speaker Chuck Gallagher’s personal stories and poignant life lessons make a powerful, long-lasting impact on people and organizations. His message about choices and consequences comes across loud and clear to promote ethical decision-making on both a professional and personal level.

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Client Testimonials

Chuck’s presentation touched the audience in a powerful and meaningful way. He is the real deal.
— Garrett Speakers International

Chuck Gallagher is one of those people who, when you meet them in person, you instantly like. So it comes as a big surprise when you hear his story… Chuck has told the ugly part of his poor choices and how he learned his lessons the hard way, so that all of the rest of us can consider each choice we make and avoid life-changing mistakes.
— Lorri Allen, Talk Show Host, Mornings with Lorri and Larry

Chuck was a dose of reality. Very interesting. As good as it gets!
— Tax conference participant

Chuck was a dose of reality. Very interesting. As good as it gets!
— Tax conference participant

I would give everything a 10 if that were an option!
— Conference participant

During my career, I have literally planned and listened to hundreds of presentations. Your presentation at our February meeting ranks among the top I have ever heard, period, on this or any other topic.
— Alysia English – Executive Director GA Funeral Directors Association

Your presentation on the “Human Side of Ethics” was a very fitting way to close our conference. Your story was fascinating and your transparency left a lasting impression on everyone.
— Cara Winstead – Executive Director NC Association of Health Underwriters

Just wanted to say that that was the best presentation I’ve heard in my 10 years working here. Your presentation was extremely memorable, very well done and helpful to me personally and to our employees.
— Matt Beall – Sr. Mgr. Bealls, Inc.

We received lots of great feedback and many people have said that it was our best ethics meeting yet! 
— Katie Donovan-Loaisiga – HR Bealls, Inc.

Your comments on ethics were appropriately challenging, very high impact and thought provoking. All of our employees found the sessions to be very worthwhile and useful, both personally and professionally.
— Patrick Swanick, President, Gila Corporation

What a powerful presentation! Your knowledge and presentation was very well received, as acknowledged by the positive feedback provided by the CPA attendees.
— Pamela J. Vanderburg – Acting Chief, Financial Crimes Section – FBI

Chuck received an excellent evaluation score by our attendees with comments like, “dynamic speaker, passionate storytelling, made ethics come to life, and everyone needs to hear him speak!” 
— Peggy Sims – Professional Development Manager Association of Legal Administrators

Chuck Gallagher had one of the most effective presentations I have ever witnessed. His skills are also exceptional. 
— CPA Participant – Montana Society of CPA’s

Speaker of the year!
— Dallas Chapter, National Association of Catering Executives

Chuck’s story is incredible and really touched home. I could hear him speak again and again.
— BBJ Linen

Chuck personalized the ramifications of ethics issues.
— Minnesota conference participant

Riveting – from the minute Chuck walked into the room – in an orange prison jumpsuit – he held the audience in awe. What a message! I heard Chuck speak on ethics at the North Dakota Long Term Care Assoc. , but the message he shared is universal – all organizations could benefit from hearing the impact of poor judgment and poor ethical decisions.
— Jamie Stamey – ND Long Term Care Association

Chuck’s presentation on ethics is both captivating and compelling. The sessions at the IMA Conference captured the audience and took the topics Accounting Ethics and Communication and applied them in a manner that allowed the listeners be active learners.
— Christy Lefevers, CPA – Accounting Program Director CVCC.edu

From the minute you started walking those ’23 steps’ up to the stage, I was completely focused on you and your words. Your presentation was funny, serious, honest, sad, touching, and like you said, candid and transparent. One minuteI was laughing, and the next minute I had tears… I loved your different ‘voices’ and sense of humor.
— Jackie Darner – City of Fort Collins CO

Best presentation of the IPT Symposium! Extremely engaging, excellent speaker and poignant story.
— Alicia Bruce – Institute for Professionals in Taxation

I truly enjoyed listening to Chuck Gallagher. I listened with a mixture of trepidation and fascination. It gave me chills to listen to his story. It’s not something I’ll soon forget. His ethics presentation was the highest rated ethics program we’ve ever had. 
— Kara Naugle – Indiana CPA Society

You impressed and touched a lot of people today. Your presentation was powerful and unforgettable. 
— Carlene Swensson, KRLD News Radio – CBS Affiliate

Your ethics seminar at Harbor Hospital – a MedStar Company – was inspiring, thought provoking and very enjoyable. This is the best ethics program we’ve ever had!
— Joanne Englund – MedStar

Chuck’s presentation effectively bridges the gap between personal accountability and business success.
— Randy Pennington, Author of Results Rule! Build a Culture That Blows the Competition Away

That guy rocked! This was probably the most engaging presentation of the entire conference. Most interesting ethics course I’ve ever encountered.
— Participant – Emerging Leaders Conference

Excellent speaker and lively presentation! He was fantastic! Bring him back year after year!
— CPA Participant – NC Association of CPA’s – Local Government Conference

Second Chance Book Reviews

This touching story of real-life circumstances blends the wisdom of experience with a powerful insight for successful living.
Dr. Nido Qubein
— President, High Point University; Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

Chuck Gallagher is one of those people who, when you meet them in person, you instantly like. So it comes as a big surprise when you hear his story. He’s not the stereotype of an ex-con, and perhaps that’s one reason why it’s hard to put this book down. Chuck has told the ugly part of his poor choices and how he learned his lessons the hard way, so that all of the rest of us can consider each choice we make and avoid life-changing mistakes. The good news is Chuck learned to make great choices—like sharing his story to inspire others. This book will make you think, and it could save lives.
— Lorri Allen, Talk Show Host, Mornings with Lorri and Larry

Second Chances shows you how to make better first choices. It is one of those rare books that effectively bridges the gap between personal accountability and business success. Read it. Heed it. Apply its lessons.
— Randy G. Pennington, Author of Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away

Second Chances guides the reader through Chuck’s personal story of triumph to finding his or her own rare, one-of-a-kind pearl within. Chuck’s story illustrates how imprisonment of the soul can take place behind bars or outside of them. It’s a choice we can make and then change the trajectory of life when we make it.
— Anne Bruce, International Speaker and Best-selling Author

Chuck Gallagher’s Second Chances is a life-progressing book with an important message about making the right choices. Make the right choice and read it.
— Dean Lindsay, Author of The Progress Challenge and Cracking the Networking CODE

Chuck Gallagher offers his readers a shortcut past the frailties of the human condition. His narrative comes to life in a substantive and fascinating manner. Why learn the hard way when Chuck has done it for you? The first chance you get, read this book and live life to the fullest.
— Vince Poscente, New York Times Best-selling Author of The Age of Speed

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Barclays Global
Medtronic, Inc.
SKANSKA International
Concordia University
Fidelity National Title
Florida Association of Counties
Baylor University
Institute of Management Accountants
North Carolina Association of CPAs
Gila Corporation
Indiana Purdue University
US Navy Exchange
Queens University
Prospera Financial
Raymond James
Texas Clerk of Court Association
North Dakota Society of CPA’s
Dale P. Jones Business Ethics Forum
Laboratory Products Association
Texas Funeral Directors Association
Prisoner’s Family Conference
US Too University

University of Florida
Impact Americas
United Healthcare
Tulane University
Texas Oil and Gas Association
Institute of Internal Auditors
Liquid Capital
National Association of Catering Executives
Office of Inspector General
NC Association of Health Underwriters
Institute of Professional in Taxation
Gardner-Webb University
Progressive Logistics Services
Dalhousie University
National Litigation Support Services Association
DCP Midstream
Minnesota Society of CPAs
National Funeral Directors Association
International Cemetery Cremation Funeral Association
City of Fort Collins, Colorado
North Carolina Cemetery Association
North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters