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The typical business ethics keynote speaker talks about ethics from a theoretical or academic perspective. Well, you’ll be glad to know that Chuck Gallagher is anything but typical. There’s a reason why he’s recognized as one of the leading business ethics presenters on the platform today—his personal experience is what makes the difference.

Think about it… Who better to get the message across than someone who actually suffered the negative consequences of unethical career choices—then regained his life and reached a new level of success? Now that’s something that people will listen to.

Chuck’s meaningful and memorable business ethics presentations, combined with a real-world practical approach, will:

Enrich your ethics program to increase your market competitiveness.

Chuck’s corporate office is located in Greenville, South Carolina, but he also offers on-site presentations worldwide along with teleconference, webinars and videos. His keynote presentations can be tailored to your specific industry, audience and desired length of program.

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Lorri AllenChuck Gallagher is one of those people who, when you meet them in person, you instantly like. So it comes as a big surprise when you hear his story… Chuck has told the ugly part of his poor choices and how he learned his lessons the hard way, so that all of the rest of us can consider each choice we make and avoid life-changing mistakes.

— Lorri Allen, Talk Show Host
Mornings with Lorri and Larry

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Choices, consequences, personal integrity and professional success… You need a business ethics keynote speaker who knows how to tie it all together for your people. Contact Chuck Gallagher directly at (828) 244-1400.