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Witness Eye-Opening Messages That Raise Ethics Awareness—and the Potential for Business Growth—to a New Level

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Every Choice Has a Consequence


The Truth About Emotion & Ethical Behavior

In 1987, at the height of his career, Chuck Gallagher made some bad choices. He went from wearing a business suit to an orange jump suit.

So…you might be asking yourself, Why would I want a former convicted felon to speak to my organization about ethics and integrity?

Why? Because Chuck has experienced firsthand how easy it is to move from ethical to unethical.

Having rebuilt his life — the lessons Chuck learned allow him to share a unique perspective unlike any other business ethics keynote speaker.

Rather than taking the usual theoretical approach that most business ethics speakers take—which, frankly, can put an audience to sleep—Chuck captures attention by talking about his own journey from a human perspective, then combining it with a practical application. His presentations are sometimes humorous, often thought-provoking and always impactful—but never “textbook.”

So what will you, your people and your company get out of it all?

  • positive, compelling message that everyone will listen to and remember.
  • fresh perspective that will raise ethics awareness to a new level—reducing the likelihood of fraud and other unethical behaviors that put your business at risk.
  • The motivation to make ethical choices that will lead to long-term success and profitability.
  • Valuable insight to help you develop an effective ethics program (or make your existing program more effective).

Each of Chuck’s presentations can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Chuck's Most Requested Keynote Presentations

The Human Side of Ethics

Other speakers focus on legal issues, Chuck uses personal experience to expose the truth about emotions and ethics.

The Human Side of Ethics >

Every Choice has a Consequence

Chuck delivers an unforgettable message based on his own unethical decisions and the consequences that followed.

Every Choice Has a Consequence >

Be The Difference

Recognizing and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

A must-have ethics presentation.

Be The Difference >

The Distinction Advantage

A dynamic program that drives home the value of action when it comes to customer service, leadership, and business growth.

The Distinction Advantage >

The Ethical Leader

Ethics in the workplace is a serious matter, but talking about it doesn’t have to be “business as usual.”

The Ethical Leader >

Effective Communication

An interactive program that connects the dots between our natural personality profiles and our methods of communication.

Effective Communication >

It opened my eyes to the broad range of things that could fall under ethical. It was thought-provoking, yet at the same time, it was fun!

Meredith OliverPresident of Meredith Communications

This comes from a man who knows what he’s talking about, believes what he’s talking about and is there to help people. He can talk from both sides. He adds color, laughter and humor—it’s everything rolled into one.

Glen StrangeGlenn Strange Entertainment

So many things we think are okay… he made me think again. Chuck was great. He was a tremendous speaker!

Laura HamiltonLaura Hamilton Seminars, Inc.