Has Your Company Bridged the Gap Between Human Values and Ethics—and Why Does It Matter?

The Human Side of Ethics

Keynote Presentation by Chuck Gallagher

What causes an otherwise intelligent person—a person who knows the difference between right and wrong—to make a choice that will negatively impact themselves and their organization? You’ll find out in this fascinating presentation on human values and ethics. With a unique perspective gained from his own past experience, Chuck sheds new light on why we do what we do and how to influence behavior.

Most ethics presentations and training programs focus on compliance and legal issues—as if ethical choices are either legal or not. The reality is, ethical choices have far more impact on a company long before the issue of “legal or illegal” comes into play. While your Ethics Code of Conduct might meet all the standards required, the missing piece for most companies is the ability to help management and employees understand the human dynamic associated with conduct management.

It’s time to take ethics training in a different direction. No longer is a two-hour compliance speech going to change behavior! Chuck will pull back the curtain to reveal the truth about ethical behavior and how we shape a new direction in ethical leadership.

Expect to leave this presentation with the ability to:

Go beyond legalities—connect the dots between human values and ethics to help your people make good decisions. Contact ethics speaker Chuck Gallagher directly at (828) 244-1400 to discuss this engaging presentation.