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The Struggle of Love: Greenville County former Postmaster Guilty of Fraud!

Sharon D. Johnson, a writer based in Columbia, South Carolina, and her cohort, Patricia G. Sullivan, the former postmaster of Greenville County, had an idea that was so unethical and so ridiculous that naturally, a lot of good natured folks fell for it. In fact, the two women fleeced nearly $300,000 out of the community. They have pleaded guilty to committing wire fraud. If the judge passes the possible sentence that could be imposed in this case, Ms. Johnson will have plenty of time to write a decent book.  Meanwhile Amazon still has for sale – The Struggle of Love.

The Struggle of Love

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Military Ethics: General Leaks Top Secret Information to the Media

Retired four-star Gen. James Cartwright was caught leaking top-secret, classified information to the New York Times and Newsweek. When the leak was first discovered, he denied lying about the information to the FBI back in 2012.  Military ethics are being called into question.

military-ethicsJust this week General James Cartwright admitted that he had made false statements to federal investigators. At the heart of the matter was that when Cartwright became vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2007, he was required to sign non-disclosure agreements; 36 of them, in fact. Here is where it gets ethically “interesting.” General Cartwright retired in 2011, but he still had a top secret security clearance.

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Political Ethics – What Should We Expect from Our Politicians? How about a Sense of Shame?

Fox News carried a story (August 4, 2014) entitled: “Pressure Builds on Walsh to Resign over Plagiarism.”  What is at question is political ethics.

John_Walsh_official_portrait_113th_CongressThe article states that John Walsh, the Democrat junior senator from Montana after he was caught in a plagiarism scandal. It has been surmised that his error, “could cost him his master’s degree and military rank.” Walsh is currently running for re-election.

According to the article, “Walsh has been reeling since the NYT [New York Times] reported that he plagiarized large swaths of a research paper he submitted to the Army War College in 2007.”

The Montana Standard newspaper in Butte, Montana, talked with Walsh as to why he plagiarized.

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The Return of Eliot Spitzer – Is “I’m Sorry” enough?

Eliot Spitzer wants to return to politics, and if you are a resident of New York City, and you have the ability to vote.  Mr. Spitzer would like you to vote for him Eliot Spitzerfor comptroller. In formally announcing his attempt at a return to the public arena on July 8, 2013, he needs to collect about 3,800 signatures in just three days to put him on the ballot. I wouldn’t bet against him having the required number way ahead of schedule.  One question is – what are the ethical ramifications regarding his return to politics?

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Ethics Question: Do You Live for Yourself or Other People?

Say what you will about the New York Times, but I really admire the fact that they have an ethicist on staff to answer letters from the “ethically torn.”

New York Times LogoAs someone who teaches ethics to a wide audience, my dream is that every major corporation in America, not to mention every government agency, may eventually have a Director of Ethics on staff. As that isn’t likely, I am more than content to travel the country telling people about my story, and in turn, helping them understand that what we do in life – and more importantly, how we go about doing it matters.

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Business Ethics of Social Behavior – Michael Bloomberg, Big Gulp and a NY Judge

“Arbitrary and capricious,” states Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr. in a NYC ruling invalidating a ban on large sugary drinks – but the larger question is: “Have business ethics gone awry when attempting to mandate healthy actions by the citizenry?”

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg felt the health of New Yorkers would be improved with the sugar ban. Perhaps that is true but isn’t health also improved with a ban on smoking and who knows what else?

Big GulpWhen, if ever, is it ethical to mandate public action and behavior?

It should come as no surprise that this question is not so easy to answer. Despite its defeat, Mayor Bloomberg and Michael Cardozo, his chief counsel, are rather confident this ruling will one day be overturned in favor of the Board of Health who seems to understand what is best for us.

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The Anatomy of a Ponzi Scheme – Commentary by Fraud Prevention Expert Chuck Gallagher

“I have an inside track on a great investment.  You’ll get better than a 12% per year return.  But, there are only a limited number of folks that I can get in on this offering.  You interested?

STEP ONE – make a promise that seems ‘special’ or ‘better’ than what anyone else can get on their investment funds!

“Wow…this is great.  I just got our statement in the mail and you know that investment I made in that private fund that Joe recommended…well its done better than he projected.  The market has been down, but this has returned over 16% thus far.  Man…I’m glad we got in on this deal!”

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