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Jennifer Elizabeth Meehan Sentenced to Prison

“I became caught up in my own fantasy.”  That is true it was a fantasy and today Jennifer Elizabeth Meehan was sentenced today  to six months in prison and fined $50,000.  In addition, U.S. District Court Judge Madeline Haikala also sentenced Jennifer jennifer-elizabeth-meehanElizabeth Meehan, 40, to serve 18 months of home confinement, 40 months supervised probation. She also is to serve eight hours a week community service while on home confinement and probation.

An earlier article outlined her crime.

From an unpaid volunteer position, Meehan has now through her own doing lost her license to practice law for a set of dumb stupid choices.

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Legal Ethics: When Unethical Litigation Runs Rampant

In the world of strange litigation, the legal profession seems to have an affinity to McDonald’s. In this latest case, the profession might possibly be striking a new low.  Legal ethics seems to be run amuck here with the crazy approaches that some lawyers take.

Legal Ethics McDonaldsAs most of us by now realize, fast food restaurants have drive-thru windows. This is hardly a unique scientific discovery. In fact, I would surmise pretty much every fast food restaurant has a drive-thru window except for those where you park the car and someone on roller skates rolls up to you.

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Legal Ethics: Lawyers Fight Ethics Training

There are some stories involving the topic of ethics that simply stop me in my tracks and cause me to shake my head in disbelief. One such story comes by way of Texas, as reported on Fox News on May 31, 2016 about legal ethics.

Legal Ethics U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas, issued an order that Department of Justice attorneys attend mandatory ethics training. The judge felt that the DOJ attorneys intentionally misled him on presidential executive orders on illegal immigration.

According to the news report:

“Attorneys had told Hanen that a key component – an expansion of a 2012 program to protect illegal immigrants from deportation if they were brought to the U.S. as children – hadn’t been implemented. But officials later revealed they had given more than 108,000 people three-year reprieves from deportation under the expanded rules, as well as work permits.”

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Nathan Hardwick and Asha Maurya Indicted for Multi-Million Dollar Embezzlement

Mortgage Fraud

Nathan Hardwick indicted for Mortgage Fraud

A federal indictment charges Nathan Hardwick IV and Asha R. Maurya with conspiracy, wire fraud, and related crimes in connection with Nathan Hardwick’s alleged theft of over $20 million from the attorney escrow accounts and operating accounts of Morris Hardwick Schneider and LandCastle Title, an Atlanta-based law firm and title agency in which Nathan Hardwick and Asha Maurya once served as top executives.  In addition to charges against Maurya for assisting with Hardwick’s theft, the indictment also charges Maurya with stealing approximately $900,000 from the firm’s accounts to pay her own personal expenses.

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6 Ethical Concepts: Legal and Ethical are Different

In 2015 we have essentially recovered from the 2008 “financial down-turn” (to use the euphemism that we adopted for that disaster). Thousands and thousands of people lost their homes, their savings, their jobs, and it disrupted our confidence in our economic system. Most of the decisions made by lenders and investors during that time were perfectly legal. They were also highly unethical.  Here we’ll explore 6 ethical concepts since legal and ethical are different.

Legal and EthicalTo look at just a single example, it’s perfectly legitimate to advance money to someone who can’t afford to repay it. You can loan money to anybody you want to without restriction.  It might very well be legal, but that doesn’t make it right.

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Attorneys Disciplined for Unethical Choices

It never starts big – at least that’s true in the majority of cases.  Yet, regardless of the profession there are consistent and continuous examples of people who have been trained and know better making dumb stupid choices that have some unintended consequences!  Here we have examples of attorneys disciplined for unethical choices.

Attorneys Unethical ChoicesEvery choice has a consequence and the following are some examples of choices that likely didn’t get the outcome that they might have wanted when first made.

In an article by the Daily Business Review author Celia Ampel shares that the Florida Supreme Court has disciplined eight South Florida attorneys, including two who were disbarred.

The information that I found most interesting were the following from Celia’s article:

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Jennifer Elizabeth Meehan Attorney charged with defrauding Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House

Poor ethics and illegal behaviors are not necessarily committed between strangers. Quite often, it is those closest that we trust without question or proper due-diligence. Take the recent case of lawyer, Jennifer Elizabeth Meehan who was arrested on the charges associated with defrauding a sorority of nearly a half-million dollars.

Jennifer Elizabeth MeehanThe case, as reported by Anna Lee of (July 1, 2015) in an article entitled: “Upstate attorney charged with defrauding sorority house,” states:

In an eight-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury last week, Jennifer Elizabeth Meehan, 38, of Sandy Springs, was charged with wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering…Meehan was (allegedly) responsible for furnishing the newly constructed Gamma Phi Beta sorority house at the University of Alabama when she submitted false invoices for furniture and equipment and received payment for them without ever providing the goods.”

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Ethical Connections: Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia Charged with Hit and Run Felony

Should a company be linked to the actions of its CEO? It makes for an interesting study in ethics. In an article written by Ellen Huet for Forbes (May 14, 2014) entitled: “Nextdoor Hit-and-Run: Yet Another Tech CEO Faces Criminal Charges,” we learn about Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia: “Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia was niravcharged with one count of felony hit-and-run after he allegedly swerved dangerously into another lane and caused a woman to spin out of control and crash last August, authorities said.”

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Is Brett Bogus another Dan Frishberg? Ethics and Financial Radio Experts…

I am privileged to speak to a wide variety of audiences on my favorite topic: ethical behavior. My audience members include business people, medical professionals, former coaches and athletes, government employees and even educators. In casual, one-on-one conversations with people, the topic of money or financial matters will sometimes pop-up.

Sometimes I hear a conversation such as this: “Chuck, I like to follow the advice of ‘so-and-so.’” I nod, and ask them “Why?”

“Well,” they will say,” she (or he) is on television and a lot of people listen to them.”

“Oh, I see.”

And What Else?

Brett BogusWe have, unfortunately, become a society that has elevated many self-proclaimed financial experts to media stages because we like the way they talk, or we like their “philosophy,” or (gasp) because they like the way he (or she) looks. But do we ever wonder who they are ethically?

Let’s talk for a bit about Brett Bogus and yes, that is his real name.

In an article written by station KPRC Investigative Reporter and News Anchor Joel Eisenbaum,  (October 9, 2013), entitled: “Former Houston radio financial advisor charged with felony” we learn the story of Brett Bogus, a man who, according to the article:

“…offered financial advice to his listeners… (was) charged with a felony. The

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We Don’t Hire Convicted Felons! Raising the HR Bar’s Blog may Change Your Mind!

Scanning media for great examples of what to do or what not to do, a great blog came across my desk the other day and frankly it was worth a read and then a second read.  One of my clients proudly stated at a meeting where I was hired as their keynote speaker, “We don’t hire convicted felons.”  Hum…well here’s a link to the original blog – “Does Your Hiring Policy Exclude Ex-Con’s?  Watch Out!”  Perhaps you, too, will be interested in this eye opening blog post!

Convicted FelonWhat caught my attention is the content related to new EEOC guidelines regarding the use of criminal background data in employment decisions.  This material is important and worth the time to read.  It is reprinted in it’s entirety below.

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