Get Real about Business Ethics with Straight Talk from Chuck Gallagher

Life-changing Messages about Choices,
Consequences and the Human Side of Ethics

Ethics in the workplace is a serious matter, but talking about it doesn’t have to be “business as usual.” Chuck Gallagher learned a lesson about choices and consequences the hard way—but now he shares his experience so that others don’t have to. In his compelling presentations, Chuck starts by setting the scene with his own story… and ends by setting the stage for your organization’s ethical success. Through his unique perspective, your people will gain:

Create an ethical culture of people who do the right thing because they want to. Contact business ethics keynote speaker Chuck Gallagher directly at (828) 244-1400.
Second Chances

Chuck Gallagher's Second Chances

This touching story of real-life circumstances
blends the wisdom of experience with a
powerful insight for successful living.

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