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An Interview with Hans Christian King on Straight Talk Radio with Chuck Gallagher

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An unusual interview and yet one of my most profound, for over 55 years, Hans Christian King has been considered on the most respect mediums in the world.  Here he’s my guest on Straight Talk Radio.

Hans Christian KingCHUCK: This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio and I am so excited about the show today. So, I’ve got to start off with a little story. I guess I’m a sceptic, and back in 1993-ish, it might have been early ’94, my girlfriend at the time, now wife, had said, “You need to go talk with this psychic,” and I thought, oh, you got to be kidding! What a crock of crap, but she was my girlfriend and so I wasn’t going to dis idea so I finally kind of said, “Okay. Great.”

Now, to be honest with you, we had not been connected long and I thought I was the smartest guy in the room. So, I had concocted what I was going to do and the deal was I was adopted at birth and I, of course, had my adoptive mother, who is still living, but I also had developed a relationship with my biological mother. So I thought, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go in for this reading, so to speak, and when the time comes for question, I was going to ask the question, “So, tell me, what’s the relationship with my mother?” thinking that this is the trick up question that will expose the fact that this doesn’t work.

Well, here’s what happened. I went in, I sat down. There was a short prayer at the beginning and the lady began to talk with me and about three and a half to four minutes in, and it was recorded, she said, “You know, it’s just something strange,” she said. “I just have to ask you a question. I’m getting this sense about your mother and it’s almost as if you have two and I can’t quite put my finger on it.” And that completely discombobulated me and said, “Oh, my goodness, maybe there is something true to this.” I have to admit, after the reading was over, she suggested I talk with another lady who happened to be there, who literally sat down and told me things about my relationship with my ex-wife that I had. No one else in the world would have known.

So, I have to say I got connected with the idea that there are people who are gifted, who have the ability to connect in this realm and outside of this realm, and today my guest, Hans Christian King, he is known worldwide. He shares spiritual wisdom. He is considered a modern-day true mystic. He has a direct voice, on this side, as well as the other. I have to say, whenever Brian Weiss says he is a superb psychic and a medium whose accuracy of “hits” is impressive, that speaks volumes. Then you have Michael Bernard Beckwith who says, “Hans is not only authentic – he has the capacity to take us places within ourselves we’ve never been.” Hans, thank you, it is such an honor to have you on the show.

HANS: It’s a joy for me as well, Chuck. I’m very happy to be here for you and your wonderful people, and it’s a beautiful day here in Palm Springs, California. I’m looking forward to the show.

CHUCK: Well, I have to tell you I’ve been to Palm Springs several times and first time I was there, hottest blue blazes of in the midst of the summer.

HANS: That’s the same.

CHUCK: Oh, yeah. But, oh my goodness, how totally beautiful. It’s like being in another world. Never had a —

HANS: I’m very blessed. I live here a part of the year and then I live in Asheville, North Carolina the other part.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: Up in the mountain. So, I get the best of both worlds.

CHUCK: Okay. Now, that is the best of both worlds, because live in Greenville, South Carolina and as far as I’m concerned, Asheville is the place. I love it.

HANS: I go to your Costco twice a month.

CHUCK: [laughs] Well, then we’re going to have to personally meet at some point.

HANS: Absolutely. I’d drive down the hill and the two of us, we go, my partner and I, we go to Costco. Sometimes Spartanburg, but sometimes we go to Costco, depends.

CHUCK: No problem. So, Hans, let me start the program today with this, and that’s a question to you. Is spirit telling you anything that I or my listeners need to hear?

HANS: Yes. Their spirit is very concerned by the degree of fear in the country. The degree of fear is staggering. The news, everything’s coming to get us, nothing’s right. They want us to know that we are evolving towards the light. Be patient. It’s a better world than it was 50 years ago or 70 years ago when we were killing millions of people all over the planet. It is a better time, but people have begun to buy into the fear, and the panic mode, and money situation and spirit says, “We turn to source for you peace.” That’s the message I would like your listeners to know. “Return to source for your peace.”

That sounds airy-fairy, I understand that, but there is a part of you that is linked directly to the other side every day and that is the source you come from. That’s who you pray to. But that source can be operated in your life. I just did a seminar for Michael Beckwith at Agape University and the title was “Walking in Two Worlds at the Same Time”. That’s what I’m trying to help people to do is to remember that their source, we walk away from our source rather than walk towards it.

CHUCK: Hans, it’s interesting that you say that and I believe that. I guess what I would say to you is the fear that is in play also seems to be a bit divisive. In other words you say, “Well, you’re connected to source.”

HANS: That’s right.

CHUCK: And the first thing then that pops up is, but the people who are bought into fear would say, “Well, what source? See, my source has to be the right source, not your source.”

HANS: That’s right.

CHUCK: Is it the Christian source, the Muslim source, the Jewish source or…

HANS: That is not a source. That is not a source. That is a belief system. That is not a source. I believe, I said on national television a while back, I believe the greatest destructive thing in the world today is human mind chatter.

CHUCK: Um-hm.

HANS: I believe that mind chatter is dragging our people down the drain, literally, through fear. Fear of growing old, fear of not being pretty enough, fear of not being good enough. Fear, fear, fear. When the truth of the matter is that’s just who we are today is perfect for God, and nothing we’re going to do, nothing we’re going to acquire, nothing we’re going to accomplish will we ever get to keep. Nothing. We’re here for the experience of lessons that we wanted to learn and all we have to do– What do we do when we get really scared? We pray.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: I’m just simply saying it doesn’t matter whether you’re Buddhist or Muslim. Whatever you are, that’s wonderful, but there– I had a different [08:11] who used to say, “Truth is one, paths are many.”

CHUCK: Ooo, I like that.

HANS: There’s only one truth and there are many paths to that truth.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: Muslims have one path, Christians have another path. They all play off of each other. Right now, I believe that if we could get human mind chatter under control, which I don’t think that’s going to happen for a while, we’d be fine. You can go to any other country. Go north into Canada, they have no fear, go south into Mexico, they have no fear.


HANS: I had a taxi driver in Mexico the other day ask me why we were such a fearful nation.

CHUCK: Interesting.

HANS: And I said, “What do you believe?” He says, “Well, we have a saying here in Mexico that says the God that took care of yesterday is taking care of today and will take care of tomorrow, so stop worrying.”

CHUCK: Ooo, I like that as well.

HANS: You see, we don’t believe that’s the problem. We believe what we see and hear, which is an illusion.

CHUCK: So, is it? And we’ve got a few minutes before our first break but, is it that fear sells and it’s there for–

HANS: Yes. Absolutely.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: 100%. Thank you. Fear sells, people want to be afraid. I was in a panel, I know we have a time thing, but I was in a panel recently and there were a bunch of doom-and-gloomers and they’re all well known–

[Chuck chuckles]

HANS: A bunch of doom-and-gloomers and they went all down, this was going to happen, that was going to happen, the other thing was going to happen. They got to me and they said, “Mr. King, what do you think?” I says “None of it is going to happen. It never does.”

CHUCK: “It never does.”

HANS: Yep.

CHUCK: What does that mean?

HANS: Okay. You remember the most recent, one of us, 2012?

CHUCK: Oh, yes, of course.

HANS: And everything was going to change and they knew it for a fact. And so, I’m on another panel and they say, “You don’t seem to be the least bit concerned about that?” I said, “I’m not.” They said, “Why?” I said, “Because I live in Mérida, Mexico, in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula with the Mayans, and they have no idea what we’re talking about.”

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: None whatsoever.” They said, “We never said it was coming to an end.” I went all into the villages, everywhere and they all said, “We don’t know what they’re talking about. We never said such a thing.” But do you know there was a billion dollars just from trips to Yucatan and the fear of what to do and getting food? A billion dollars worth of sales for a lie.

CHUCK: “A billion dollars worth of sales for a lie.” This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. My guest is Hans King. He can walk in both worlds and I think we have started this with a great, great beginning. We’re going to be back after this break and we’ll talk a bit more about the lie of fear. Stick with me.

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CHUCK: Well, we’re back with Straight Talk Radio here with Chuck Gallagher. My guest is Hans King and during the break we happened to be talking a little bit about– At the beginning as I started the show I said, “Well, I went to see a psychic,” But Hans and I were talking about the difference between a psychic and a medium and what that really means. There are plenty of people who don’t connect the idea that either are real, so Hans let’s, just to clarify things, talk to us a little bit about what you would call the difference and what it means and how you learned to connect on the other side.

HANS: Well, that’s a very good question. I never learned, Chuck.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: When I was about three years old, sir, I started seeing people at the foot of my bed, literally seeing people at the foot of my bed. And they were very tall. And one of them was a Native American man and he would come every night to my room and he would say to me, the first time he said to me, “Are you ready?” “Oh, my Gosh, what is this about?” And I just felt myself rising off the bed and I went on a journey. That journey took me to a place where I learned and I would come back and tell people about this. They said, “Oh, you have a vivid imagination,” but those places and those things that I was taught came true.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: It all came true. So, I just this month entered my 60th year of doing readings and classes. So, I’ve been doing it for twelve years so now you know I’m seventy-two. Okay?

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: What I was saying to you is if you’re wanting to get in contact with the other side, if you’re wanting to sort of see how your path is going to go, find a reputable medium, and they’re out there. They’re out there. Ask people who’ve been to this person, get a list of referrals from this person, so that you know that where you’re going it isn’t just about the money, it’s about the quality of the truth.

CHUCK: Right. That makes sense.

HANS: That’s what’s important. And, luckily for you, the person you went to wasn’t a psychic, although they thought they were. They were a medium, because psychics can’t talk to the other side. They’re two different things. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but they’re just two different things. That’s all.

CHUCK: Fascinating. It had to be an unusual experience for you as a young person to experience this, and then at 12 to begin sharing that information with other people.

HANS: It was. It was, indeed.

CHUCK: And you’ve done this for 60 years. I get that.

HANS: That’s right.

CHUCK: And that’s longer than my lifetime at this point.

HANS: Yes, it is, actually.

CHUCK: But have you found, I have to ask this, have you found the experience to be different? Is it easier? Is it clearer for you with years of experience? Or is it the same?

HANS: This is what’s interesting. When I was a young man, in school they thought I was a witch.


HANS: The girls would try to find out information about the boys. The boys would try to keep it from happening.

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: So they would threat to beat me up. When I was 13, I was already 6’3’’.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: So, that didn’t work too well. But it was interesting that they used to say, “Mr. and Mrs. King have a very strange son,” and I guess you can say that’s true, because in my 60 years I’ve seen over 60,000 people in one-hour sessions alone.

CHUCK: Oh, my goodness.

HANS: That doesn’t include I think about a 1500 radio shows, television shows, classes, lectures, so, as you grow older in the work and you become just a little more well known, not famous, but more well known, it becomes easier for the reader then and the person that I am, because they already know you do it.

CHUCK: I see.

HANS: You see?

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: As a younger person they thought I was strange. Now they think I’m unique. It’s off the grid, you know. [laughs] It’s still off the grid for me. Wherever I go, the people treat me so beautifully, but there’s still one will bring one thing, “Can he read my mind?” See, they think I read their mind and that’s the furthest thing from the truth. I don’t do that.

CHUCK: So, I have a dear friend who is, I guess I would call her, very empathetic.

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: And she described, apparently I’m not, but she describes it like, “Well, I go to the grocery store or I’m around lots of people and I’m always being bombarded with them.”

HANS: Them. Right.

CHUCK: And so therefore, in many cases she tries to avoid places where there are crowds. Now, I’m going to call stupid to me, but, stupidly enough I say, “Well, why don’t you just put up a force field around yourself so you don’t receive it?”

HANS: That’s not stupid. That’s correct. And that can be done.

CHUCK: Um-hm.

HANS: But a lot of people feel that if they do that, they’ll lose their connection.

CHUCK: I see.

HANS: But there is a difference. I’d be happy to speak to that lady and give her a couple of little tools to help her. But you did a misquote here. You were born clairsentient.

CHUCK: Okay. Now, what does that mean?

HANS: That means that you have a way of knowing things sometimes about seeing them or hearing them. You just have a gut feeling.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: And your soul wants to serve and make a difference. Correct?

CHUCK: It does. That is true.

HANS: Okay. So, given that you have this sensitivity, you could learn to turn that into something a little more powerful than what you have now, but it’s entirely up to you. But you have what we call the “vibrational tones” to receive information if you wanted.

CHUCK: Interesting. So, we’ll need to talk about that in more detail, and I’m fascinated by that. I want to tell you a quick story.

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: I’m just being led to do this. Years ago I had been through a fairly significant life transformation and ended up in Raleigh, North Carolina. One night I had a terrible time sleeping. That’s not normal for me. So, I got up, went downstairs, sat down at the computer and said, “I just need to do something,” and two hours later I had written two chapters in a book.

HANS: Um-hm.

CHUCK: And it was a message that it’s called Message from the Mountain and it was a message that I was receiving from what I considered a spirit guide called “The Old Woman from the Mountain”.

HANS: That’s correct.

CHUCK: And it was fascinating, Hans, because the only time I could actually write the book was when I was in a physically high place.

HANS: Um-hm.

CHUCK: Like for example, if I was in Asheville or Burnsville.

HANS: Right.

CHUCK: Or actually on an airplane, but if I was someplace where the elevation was high–

HANS: That’s correct.

CHUCK: I was better able to receive–

HANS: Being closer. I mean, this is funny, but you’re closer to the source.

CHUCK: Okay. So, there’s a part of me that says, “Okay, you know, really…” although I love Greenville, I needed to live in Asheville or someplace near there because it almost feels like the vibration would be easier to receive.

HANS: It is. It absolutely is. I live a little higher up, on the side of a mountain and I have a space in my home for classes, lectures, things like that. But I go back to what I said, you have a way through your clairsentience that if you wanted to develop that even more, you could do whole books, lectures, workshops. You could actually see individuals and help them one-on-one. You do have that gift, Chuck.

CHUCK: If a person, whether it’s me, and I appreciate this, but whether it’s me or whether it’s someone else that has the gift, how does one go about developing that?

HANS: Set the intention. Everything in life starts with an intention. Whether it’s this coffee cup made in Oaxaca, Mexico, the person had to set the intention, had to find the clay, had to set the intention to mold it. Our dear Chinese friends like to say, “The longest journey starts with the first step.”


HANS: So, if you wonder about it, it will not happen. If you set your intention, we know, science has now proven, that energy follows thought. So, when you set your intention, everything begins to come and focus on that idea. If you were to ask anyone who has written a book, who’s very famous for whatever their endeavor is, somewhere in the book they will say these words in one form or another, “And I always knew it.”

CHUCK: Makes sense.

HANS: They didn’t write a book thinking it wouldn’t be read. They didn’t write a book thinking it wouldn’t be published. They wouldn’t design a car thinking nobody would buy it. See what I’m getting at?

CHUCK: Absolutely.

HANS: Their intention was connected to their source. You also have some clairvoyance and if you put your intention to it, I think you would be pleased. I’m not trying to make you a bit airy-fairy here on your television show, but you have some of those gifts, and a lot of people do. They don’t know they have them. Women call it “women’s intuition”, men call it “a gut feeling”. But you have some gifts and I think in your shows, I’m being told right now that in your shows, that comes out from time to time. Your wisdom comes out. You don’t think you’re that smart, do you?

CHUCK: [laughs] No. I know I’m not that smart.

HANS: I’m sure not.

CHUCK: No, I’ve been proven I’m not that smart. At one time I might have thought I was that smart.

HANS: Oh, one time I thought I had every answer before the question was asked.

CHUCK: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I will tell you, and I know we’re running up on a break here, but in my younger years I thought I was that smart until it ultimately collapsed on me and I ended up going to federal prison. Then at that point I found out that-

HANS: That builds you up sure.

CHUCK: Oh, it surely did. It absolutely did. When we get back from our break, we’re going to talk about the idea of setting an intention, which I think is incredibly important. But, Hans, I also want to tie it back to this idea of fear, because it seems that, if you subscribe to and buy into the fear, then that is the thing that is the block to setting that intention, which means you’re stifled and it keeps one from moving forward.

HANS: Absolutely true. There’s your wisdom. You have it.

CHUCK: Oh, well, you are such a kind person. We’ll be back in just a moment. This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. My guest is Hans Christian King. He is a well-known medium across the world and obviously a person who has the ability to, by a gift, connect and help those that he talks with. I’m receiving that as part of a blessing, here, right now. So, stick with us. We’ll be back in just a moment.

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CHUCK: Well we’re back with Hans Christian King. This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. So, you have to understand on the radio show, and the truth is on YouTube, you don’t see the breaks and you don’t hear the commercials.

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: And so, there’s always a little bit of time to carry on a conversation. Here we are and, Hans, if you don’t mind, just repeat what you were saying about what you were seeing, because there’s an interesting line of talk that I think will take place.

HANS: Alrighty. Well, during the break, I’ve been seeing a father figure standing behind you on your left side and he puts his hand on your shoulder and he said to me, “Hans, will you ask him,” that would be you, “if he knows, in fact, his father does love him?” And then he said to me, “I never got to know him the way I should’ve gotten to know him.” And then he said, “But then again, I never got to know myself.” I want to say to you that doesn’t make your father a bad person, sir. He does love you, but he doesn’t think that you get that because of his behavior.

CHUCK: So, for those people who are listening on the radio and if you see this, I have to tell you, number one, that’s touching to my heart and I’m doing the best I can to maintain some control in the conversation here.

HANS: Now, that’s just fine, but whenever you touch truth with spirit, you can feel it.

CHUCK: Oh, absolutely. It’s a fascinating conversation because you and I have never met.


CHUCK: We have never talked. I was adopted at birth.

HANS: So was I.

CHUCK: And my father died a month or so before I was two years old.

HANS: Um-hm.

CHUCK: So, although I know he loved me because he chose me–

HANS: That’s correct.

CHUCK: We never were able to develop a bond.


CHUCK: And in my life, I have never truly had a father to develop that bond with. So, I suppose there would be always that question, although I may not be conscious of it on a day to day basis, of “Am I loved by my father?”

HANS: That’s right. And remember something, I want to correct one thing you said. He didn’t choose you. We choose our parents for the value of the lesson our soul chose to learn. So, in effect, he did choose you while you chose him.


HANS: You see what I’m saying?

CHUCK: I do agree.

HANS: So, it’s a mutual agreement is what I’m saying to you.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: He says that if you would like, he could talk to you through automatic writing, which you can learn to do. Okay?

CHUCK: Oh, that’s awesome.

HANS: And that he would be happy to put his intention towards your intention, so that it appears on the paper, though be no doubt in your mind. He did say also that he wants you to know that he did, and still does, love your mother. Okay?

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: I don’t know the relationship, I don’t know anything about it, but you also have a child in the spirit world that’s linking around you and I don’t know where that fits. Did you lose a baby?


HANS: Thank you. There’s a child here who would like to say “hello” and to be remembered to you and they said they have peace and they’ve found their way. It’s sort of cute because I see this sort of like a knight in shining armor, someone who’s breaking mountains down into hills, into rocks, into dust and blow them away for you. So, he wants you to know he loves you and says, “Best regards.”

CHUCK: Absolutely amazing the ability for that to take place, the capacity for that and how touching it is when a person is open to be willing to receive.

HANS: That’s the key. That’s right. See, our mind tries to destroy our truth. Our mind makes up everything. It lies to us on a continuous basis. It never says to us, “You’re beautiful. I love you. You’re going to have a wonderful day.” It says, “Oh, my God, you know, you’re getting old. You’re getting fat. Oh, you know, where’s the paycheck? The rent is due.” That’s what the mind does.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: But if you go back into your heart, all of those bills and all of that gets paid, always.

CHUCK: So, Hans, I’m not really sure exactly how to ask this question, but obviously when people come to you, they already have their intention set. They’re open to receiving.

HANS: That’s correct.

CHUCK: But there seem to be so many people that well, probably are listening to this show and certainly they call me this, well I’ve been to prison, but I don’t know how to get my second chance and I don’t know how to do this and I’m a convicted felon and I get all tied up.

HANS: Yes, but that was then. That was another person. You are not that person then. This is a new person. This is Chuck. This is a new life for Chuck. Spirit never judges us on what we do. Only on the intention.

CHUCK: So, when you’re looking at setting intention and let me time out my cool for a second. Okay? Because on my screen, Hans is frozen. Now, is it okay with you?

HANS: Yeah. Okay.

CHUCK: Okay. As long as it’s good on your side, it’s absolutely fine on mine.

HANS: Yeah, and you’re fine on my side, too.

CHUCK: Ok, cool. Alright. So, let’s go back to setting intention.

HANS: Okay.

CHUCK: So, three, two, one. So it’s all then, Hans, about setting the intention.

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: I don’t know how to put this, my father-in-law, for example, watches Fox News all the time and he just lives in fear.

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: And it’s like I can sit there and say, “Well, there’s nothing to be fearful. Just set the intention of what you want,” and he can’t see past the fear.

HANS: No, he can’t. He believes the illusion of his life and he believes the illusion of Fox.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: Now, we have a saying in metaphysics that sounds just terrible, but it’s a truism. It says, “Not my problem.”

CHUCK: Fair enough.

HANS: Spiritually speaking, that that other people are doing, the problems they’re causing, none of that is your problem. It’s only your problem if you allow the pain or the dysfunction of that, Chuck, into your life. Then it becomes your problem.

CHUCK: So, I’ve got to ask you this question, and boy, I’m going straight personal on this one.

HANS: That’s fine.

CHUCK: I’m in it. I believe exactly what you’re saying, but I have the doggone this time, being in people’s presence, in his presence to be candid, when everything that comes out of his mouth is negative and based on fear.

HANS: I hear that. I agree with you 100%. You know what you do?

CHUCK: What?

HANS: Quietly say, “Bless you. I pray you find your way,” and you can say to the spirit that moment, “I choose not, I choose not to be surrounded by this fear and this negativity.” And I would say to your lovely wife there are things I can do and things I can’t do. You can be nice, but you could also say, “I won’t be there, when the TV is on.” I have a lot of those people who are actually clients of mine. They’re not when they leave, but they are when they arrive. Okay?

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: But there is something that happens, Chuck, when you say internally to that person, “Bless you. I pray you find your way.” There’s a magic that begins to happen to that person. I’ve seen it 2000, 3000 times.


HANS: Okay. Doctor James Allen wrote a wonderful book called As a Man Thinketh. I think everybody has read it at some time in their life.

CHUCK: Absolutely.

HANS: And in the beginning it says it’s important to remember that they themselves are makers of themselves. When we stop living– See, Fox broadcasts the victimization of society.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: I say to you. They do that because it sells.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: O’Reilly is number one in cable news. He keeps forgetting to say that. He says he’s number one in news. No, he’s number one in cable news, not number one in news. Now, you can choose to surround yourself in joy. You can turn on MSNBC, for instance, you can turn on the Discovery Chanel, you can do whatever you want, but you must know that when you set yourself up for that kind of situation and you have the sensitivities that you have, you’re going to get clobbered with that. So, I would remove myself as much as possible from that situation. I don’t know how to tell you to do that. It’s not easy.

CHUCK: Well, and that’s the challenge, you know, to be totally honest with you, when you’re around, what I would call “toxic people”, it’s, yes, I agree with you, it is reasonable and somewhat simple to just remove yourself from the toxic person, but unless you happen to be related to them, and then it’s like, well, okay, you know, you’ve got to do the proverbial “Let’s go out once every three weeks.”

HANS: But you don’t. There’s a difference between listening and hearing.

[Phone rings in the background]

HANS: You say–

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: Oh, dear.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: That’s not supposed to do that, guys.

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: I don’t know who that is.

CHUCK: No problem.

HANS: I don’t know how to shut that off. Oh, Alfred should come running in here in a second and turn… However, what is it–

CHUCK: It’s spirit calling. [laughs]

HANS: It may be. It may be spirit calling. I don’t know. But what I would say to you is this, you can choose to be around peace and joy or you can choose to be around things that disconnect you from the peace and the joy. Now, I’m not saying everybody has to walk around being all airy-fairy every day, I’m not going that, but when you set your intention every day to reconnect to the source and say, “I wonder what’s in this for me today? What is it I’m going to learn today?” I have a friend who’s now 102 by doing that.

CHUCK: Oh, my goodness.

HANS: And 60 years ago they told her she wouldn’t live another 3 years. Her heart was so bad.

CHUCK: Oh, my goodness.

HANS: Okay? Return to source, always. I know it sounds very airy-fairy, again, but it’s true.

CHUCK: So, returning to source raises an interesting question, and we’re pushing up on a break right now, but I want to talk about this when we get back about what we do see and if everything in life that’s happening is happening for our growth and for the lessons that we learn, then there are some things that seem to be, we’ll call them, negative or of a lower vibration.

HANS: That’s correct. Okay.

CHUCK: And after the break, let’s talk about the lower vibration things and what and what learn from them.

HANS: Sure.

CHUCK: This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. My guest is Hans Christian King. We’ll be back in just a minute. This has been a great interview and I’m looking forward to coming back. Stick with us.

[Commercial break]

CHUCK: My guest is Hans Christian King and wow! What a fun experience. This has been quite a ride here on Straight Talk Radio. My guest is Hans Christian King, this is Chuck Gallagher, and we’ve been talking about setting intention and issues of fear. So, I have to ask this question, there are a lot of things that are of a high vibration or of a low vibration.

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: So I’m sitting there watching television the other day, don’t do that much, don’t watch that much commercials. I just get it from Apple TV. But I was watching “Sons of Anarchy”, which most everyone would say is clearly a low vibration kind of show.

HANS: It is indeed.

CHUCK: And my wife was like, “I can’t believe you’re watching that! It’s such a low vibration. We don’t need to fill the house with that.” And my response was, “It’s just entertainment,” and the reality for me is I’m not absorbing it. I see it, I watch it, there’s some interesting little things that come up as part of it, but I don’t absorb that energy. I just–

HANS: Well, no. The higher vibration of you, you’re correct, doesn’t, but we all have higher and lower vibration.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: Your lower vibration does. I had a dear friend [36:23] and he used to say, “If you allow anything to disturb your ease, you will become diseased.”


HANS: In other words, when we feed our lower vibration through watching difficult television or being around difficult people, it does linger in the lower aspect of our consciousness. We just don’t see it.

CHUCK: Aaah. Okay.

HANS: Okay? We don’t see it. We think that, okay, we’re bigger than that and we can get around that. Not always the case. Not always the case. So, I call that the lower higher self.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: And sometimes, without admitting to, we feed the lower higher self, and the job of the lower higher self is to disconnect us from source, from our heart chakra, because it believes the mind knows it all. Okay?

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: It knows it all. So, every day when someone wakes up, they need to know that just who they are in this moment, is enough for God. There’s nothing they need to do, nothing they need to go, they need to go nowhere, nothing whatsoever. They already are enough for God, because we are not judged. Period. That’s just human us doing that. We have to watch out– The reason I’m reading into this is fear. We have to watch that the absorption of that type of fear eventually builds up and does affect our life.

CHUCK: Okay. So, [laughs] my wife’s going to love this, but the reality of it is so I’m sitting there and my lower self is watching it and finding whatever entertainment–

HANS: Because your lower self is the one that’s actually watching it and you’re giving permission to him to watch this.

CHUCK: Got you.

HANS: Your higher self would say, “What are you doing?”

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: You know? “Why are you putting us through this?” and your lower self, “Because it’s different, because it’s interesting.” The reality shows today are lower source-based. Almost all of them.

CHUCK: Well, I guess, Hans, isn’t it fundamentally true that most things, because it’s driven by sales, is probably more lower source–

HANS: Yes, it absolutely is true. It’s true, and one of the things people can do when they’re in a situation and their mind is running amuck, they can turn to the mind and say, “Hold on. Is what I’m hearing and what I’m thinking actually true?”

CHUCK: Fair enough.

HANS: And if you get an “I don’t know” then stop thinking about it because you’re wasting your time. You can turn to spirit for everything and especially when you open the door to fear. They will help you have a situation where they can put a Plexiglas wall in front of you and the fear, and although you may see it, it will not get to the lower part of you at all.

CHUCK: So, when you were dealing with someone who is, it’s a very judgmental way of saying it, but fear-based–

HANS: Yes.

CHUCK: What are the things, the tips, if there are such things, but what could I say? What could you say? What are the questions that can penetrate that blockade of fear to actually go in and perhaps draw out something that is not so lowerly vibrationally generated?

HANS: I usually say to people who watch Fox, and I do know some people who do, “Do you believe anything you hear is true?” and they, “Oh, yes…” “Has it been proven true? Do you know for a fact it’s true? Or is your mind chatter wanting to believe that it is true?” You can pull them out bit by bit and say, “Okay, this didn’t happen, that didn’t happen. And why are you still watching the same source?” and when people begin to believe, “Wait a minute. Maybe that isn’t true,” then they question everything. They question everything. But the power of the mind chatter is so strong. But one of the things the spirit taught me years ago that was that who someone is and their behavior are two different things.

CHUCK: Now, talk to me about that.

HANS: Well, who someone is is how they’ve learned to be, but that doesn’t mean that’s who they are.

CHUCK: Aah! Okay.

HANS: You see? So, when people are judging another person for saying this, all the great belief systems have said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: Because you’ve never walked in that man’s moccasins so you don’t know why he’s watching that program. You don’t know what fear, or what happened to him, caused him to do that. So, at that moment you say, “Bless him. Help him to find his light.” I had a husband once who came to me. He was absolutely– I thought he was going to kill me, I really did because I had told his wife something. And I turned to him and I said, “Sir, is it true?” and he started screaming at me. I said, “That’s not what I asked you,” I said, “Is it true?” He says, “Yes, it’s true and it’s destroying my marriage.” I said, “It’s not, you are.”

CHUCK: Oh. How powerful.

HANS: “You’re destroying your marriage by this thing. It means you don’t trust your wife to sort this out with you. And give her a chance to say something on an issue that if you don’t, will destroy your marriage.” Always comes back to truth.

CHUCK: Now, this might be a bit of a shift in gears. We only have a few more minutes left.

HANS: That’s fine.

CHUCK: I have a fundamental belief that everything happens for a reason.

HANS: Oh, that’s correct.

CHUCK: The challenge becomes, we don’t always know what that reason is.

HANS: Um-hm.

CHUCK: So, because of the fact that you have been very kind in this conversation, I mentioned earlier that I had– I’m seven weeks, almost eight now, out of a back surgery.

HANS: Yes. If I was carrying as much stuff as you are carrying, I would have had back surgery as well.

CHUCK: Ah! Interesting.

HANS: You need to let go, sir, of the prison.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: All old souls like you, like me, are born with major self-esteem issues. Therefore their place in earlier part of their life and the situations to make good choices and difficult choices. Sometimes we make a difficult choice, but that doesn’t say who we are. Anything that happened back then, the only thing that you bring forward is the goodness that it might have taught you. And that’s it.

CHUCK: So, the takeaway would be, in the short time we have, as I learn to do that that releases the, well, in this case, the physical strain on my back.

HANS: That is absolutely correct! It does.

CHUCK: Okay.

HANS: Because you’re very sensitive, sir, I mean vibrationally sensitive, you have picked up a lot of stuff from what has happened in your life and it’s still being stored in your body. Now, it’s time to talk to the body and say, “It’s okay now. We’re not going back then.”

CHUCK: Right.

HANS: “I love you.” Say to yourself, “I love you no matter what. You’re my best friend and I’m not going to allow anything to hurt you again.” And you start talking to yourself.

CHUCK: Now, we have a minute left and I want that minute to be devoted to you. So, talk to our audience about whatever spirit leads for you, to give us this last guidance.

HANS: One of the things I’d like to help everybody with is that after end of my radio show every Saturday I say, “And remember, please, that God does not love anyone more in this world than you.” I said that to a group of 1400 people recently, and tears poured down their face because most people don’t have that understanding. As I said, “What kind of a God would you pray to that loves someone more than you? I’d fire that God and get me a new one.”

[Chuck laughs]

HANS: And that’s what I say. They need to realize their own importance with God. They’re not adrift, they are not alone, they do not have to listen to their mind chatter. They have to go to the mirror and say, “I don’t know who you are, but I promise you I’m going to find out, and when I do, I’m going to take very good care of you. You are my best friend. And again, I love you very much.” If you do that two and three times a week, your life will change.

CHUCK: My guest is Hans Christian King. That is the best advice I think I’ve ever heard on this show. This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio and I don’t need to add anything more other than thank you.

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