Every Choice Has a Consequence

Why People Stray Off the Straight & Narrow and How to Get Them Back on Track

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This book is a primer on choices, consequences and the ethics involved in decision making, and it’s as real as it gets. The author speaks from experience. He shares his journey, the unethical choices he made and the consequences he paid. Your poor decisions can lead to living, as the author describes it in mind sleep, a state of doing things based on habit, without thinking about what purpose our actions may have.
A few of the lessons learned along the way:
  • You can’t change what’s going on around you until you change what’s going on within you
  • Freedom and responsibility come with a price
  • Choices made with integrity yield positive consequences
  • We create our own prisons by never trying new things
  • You can find people with integrity anywhere you are
  • We all have the potential to make bad decisions
  • The combination of the three forces – need, opportunity and rationalization – creates a solid platform for potential unethical behavior
  • Positive choices can have extraordinary consequences
This book should be required reading for every business leader. Come to think of it, those leaders should insist everyone read it! The positive takeaway here is that positive choices can lead to extraordinary consequences. Also, that some of life’s most important lessons may come from unexpected places.