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Race Relation Ethics and the “Needed Discussion”

Ethics is not about taking the easy road, but rather about taking the right road. At this moment our country is reeling. Black on white, white on black; there is finger pointing everywhere. There is fear. Violence erupts, and God help us, there is serious injury and death. Now is the time to interject an intelligent dialogue into race relation ethics.

Race Relation EthicsOn all sides, within each side, messages are blared to us and at us by a collection of activists, politicians, social media gurus, law enforcement officials, community leaders and “personalities” ranging from actors to musicians to media talking heads who have made their living off of racial tension. It seems that many of them have no real concern over race relation ethics. Rather, they vie for attention for self-promotion.

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Law Enforcement Ethics, Free Speech and Social Media

Let’s take a moment and review law enforcement ethics. Here are three statements one of which is not true, care to guess which one?  I am entitled to my opinion.  I have the liberty to express my opinion.  Because of my liberty to express my opinion, there will be no consequence to such expressed opinion.  Oh, and these statements all apply to law enforcement officials.

Law Enforcement EthicsEvery choice has a consequence.  And, if you express your opinion on social media publicly and assume no consequence you are woefully misguided.  Like it or not, you are not free to express your liberty of free speech on social media and assume that there will be no consequence.  Below you will find examples of law enforcement ethics in action.

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