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Online Survey: Don’t Ask Me a Question, If You Don’t Want an Ethical Answer

If you’re ever feeling a little bored while waiting for your number to be called at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you might want to get online and go to one of those rating websites such as Do an online survey – it’s great fun. Go to a restaurant or carpet cleaning service or chiropractor and look at the reviews. Most of the reviews will tend to be “very good” or “excellent.” Every so often, there is a rating of “poor” or “average,” and invariably, there is an angry response in response to the response!

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CVS Takes an Ethical Approach to Opioids – So What?

In an effort to reduce the deaths, both accidental and intentional caused by opioid addiction, CVS has announced major changes to its filling of prescriptions for those pharmaceuticals.  The drug store chain has announced that it will limit prescriptions to a seven-day supply. There are obvious restrictions. The “limit” applies to patients who are new to pain management therapy and not to those with chronic conditions. The type of opioid prescription covered by this rule will apparently change as well to immediate release rather than long-term (time release) opioids.

The president and CEO of CVS Health recently stated:

“With a presence in nearly 10,000 communities across the country, we see firsthand the impact of the alarming and rapidly growing epidemic of opioid addiction and misuse.”

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Can the Wells Fargo Brand Recover from a Tarnished Ethical Lapse?

The Truth always comes out.  That is an easy statement to make and one that I have lived over and over – especially when it comes to dumb stupid choices that I’ve made that have come back to bite me.  Wells Fargo, as a company, can certainly identify with it’s share of “in the media” challenges since the truth of millions of phony accounts, fake bank card PIN’s and fake email accounts came to the surface.  It seemed that Wells Fargo’s culture of ethics was lacking.

Wells Fargo fired some 5,300 employees and has paid well over $185 million in penalties and fines – and of course, apologized.

With all the negative publicity which has created costs and consequences well beyond what most folks could envision for Wells Fargo – where do they go now moving forward?

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Ibis Tek LLC: An Unethical Family Dynamic = a $6 million Fraud

There are all kinds of reasons why unethical people commit fraud, but when we boil it all down, they see an opportunity and if there are no checks and balances in place, they will seize that opportunity – just ask the folks at Ibis Tek LLC.

The outrageous expenses for defense are legendary. It is one thing to charge for an item fairly but it is quite another when a contractor chooses to defraud.

In Pennsylvania, there is a small company outside of Butler named Ibis Tek LLC. The company makes, among other things, window assembly kits for the Humvee. It may not sound like much, and maybe that’s what the former executives of the company figured, but former owners (and brothers!) Thomas Buckner and John Buckner, along with the company’s former CFO Harry Kramer, put together a scheme to overcharge the government by $6 million.

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ABB: When an Unethical Fox Guards the Ethics Henhouse

Ethics is a word that is often tossed about with reckless abandon. Executives often take on the role as “ethics officers,” when they, themselves have no idea of what the responsibility entails. It is window dressing. Then there are people who assume the role of ethics over-seers or ombudsmen whose credentials are never explored because, frankly no one else can be bothered to do ABB Ethicsthe training.  This became a real problem for ABB.

You may never have heard of a Swiss engineering group called ABB. They are a huge, multinational organization with operations in South Korea. The treasurer of the Korean branch is also one of two executives in charge of ethics training and for “legal and ethical integrity.”

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Automotive Ethics: Volkswagen Going for Ethical Record

No, this is not the reposting of an old blog produced last about Volkswagen faking diesel emissions tests. This is a brand new ethical scandal that is just now developing. Apparently, Volkswagen is attempting to go for an ethical record.

volkswagen-audiIf you may not have known, Volkswagen owns the Audi brand. The company that brought the world the Beetle also brings us luxury cars that run from about $45,000 to the astronomical. Unfortunately, it appears as though money does not equate with good ethics.

Volkswagen has just disclosed (rather, admitted) that Audis have software that is able to lower the car’s carbon dioxide levels during an emissions test. I am not an engineer or software developer and so I can’t even begin to tell you how it works, but the clever folks at Audi were able to fake results so that they are lower than they actually are in everyday traffic situations.

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Fraud: Is Your Business at Risk?

Reverend Bobby thought it a bit strange when his wife, with her hand cupped over the phone, said that Sargent Willis was on the line and had some questions. Sargent Willis wasn’t a member of his congregation and the last time he could remember he had fraud-is-your-business-at-risknever had any cause for the police to want to ask him questions. He thought, “Did I run a red light and a traffic cam catch me,” he wondered.  His question led to a surprising outcome which raises the question about Fraud: Is Your Business at Risk?

The Shock Of A Collapsing Illusion

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3 Components of Bad Behavior

Is it safe to say that all organizations are expected act in an ethical manner when it comes to the legal, moral, and professional conduct related to the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities? Who wouldn’t answer YES to this question?  Yet the truth 3-components-of-bad-behavioris there are 3 components of bad behavior that when put together create the foundation of bad behavior.  Once you recognize how those components work or come together, lives can be changed.

In my work as a professional ethics consultant and advocate, I have seen more examples of circumstances where good people, people that are well intentioned, make bad choices by taking one step on the slippery slope of unethical activity.

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Accounting Ethics: Unethical Accounting Practices at Lime Energy

“Our range of energy solutions are based upon our expertise in understanding the unique needs of different types of businesses.” — Lime Energy Website

lime-energyApparently, understanding the unique needs of different kinds of businesses does not extend to accounting practices at Lime Energy. The SEC has fined the company $1 million and four of its executives are further charged with accounting fraud.

This is another example of unethical behavior supplanting ethics because the executives felt that they had the opportunity and the means to carry out a scheme to manipulate the stock price. The executives felt they were the brightest “guys” in the room and that no one at the SEC would be any the wiser.

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The Ethical World of Halloween Political Correctness

Who controls what is “correct,” and who doesn’t? The politics of political correctness has even reached its tentacles into the celebration of Halloween. It is an issue outside of what we normally discuss, but I believe it has ramifications into our everyday ethical life.  Halloween political correctness in an ethics blog – go figure!

halloween-political-correctnessIn the latest politically correct salvo, the University of Florida is actually offering psychological counseling for any students who are offended by Halloween costumes.  Seriously – this is Halloween political correctness taken to an absurd level.

In a blog written by the university last week it stated:

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