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Pegine Echevarria featured on Straight Talk Radio with Chuck Gallagher

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Ladies – do you want to become a Feisty, Fearless, Focused, FUN, Female Leader?  My guest today on Straight Talk Radio is Pegine Echevarria and she’ll help you do just that!  To listen to the show – click on this link – Straight Talk Radio with Pegine Echevarria or read the written transcription below.

PegineTired of traditional talk? People pontificating about this or that? The left or the right? Sometimes the truth is just off lost in the noise. Having learned life lessons the hard way, Chuck Gallagher, international speaker and author, cuts through the noise to share truth through transparency!

Nationally known guests talk about what’s important to you – your life, your concerns and your success. So tune in, turn on to Straight Talk with Chuck Gallagher.

Now, here’s your host, Chuck Gallagher.

CHUCK: Hi, this is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio and it is always a privilege and a pleasure to be with you and for you to take time out of your drive time or your non-drive time if you’re listening to the podcast of this show and be with us as we talk about issues that impact people’s lives. When you think about Transformation Talk Radio, we need to think about how things are going to transform and the nice part about this particular show is this is prerecorded. It is not a live show.

It’s prerecorded because I happen to be in beautiful San Diego at the National Speakers Association Convention in 2014 and there we have the opportunity to run into a lot of thought leaders, people who are experts in many, many areas and I happen to have the wonderful privilege of having with me a lady whose name is quite unusual. You will not hear it often, it’s Pegine. I know you said, “Don’t worry about the last name,” but Echevarria. Pegine Echevarria.

Pegine is physically located in Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, but she is on the National Board of the National Speakers Association and really is well-recognized in the area of leadership, diversity and business practices, but the reason Pegine is with us today on this show, on Straight Talk, is we need to have straight talk about issues of women in the workforce and challenges that the female market in many cases tends to have to deal with when you balance issues of work, of work opportunities, employment opportunities and family, and how all of that balances together and well, it’s probably odd to hear somebody like me talking about that since, obviously, I am male. The challenge, nonetheless, is for over half the population fairly significant and it’s really great to have somebody that can be on the show who has special expertise in that area so, Pegine, it’s wonderful to have you.

PEGINE: Thank you. I am so excited about this. I am passionate about making sure that the world, everybody that’s listening, understands the power of both men and women, and certainly for women to understand their power, their passion, their prosperity that they can have so that they have the lives they really want to have. To ensure, from our own economies, that we maximize the strength, the incredible wisdom that women bring in our organizations and in their own businesses.

When we start seeing the educational level that they have, we start seeing what they’ve been achieving, especially academically, 60% of all college graduates are female, 70% of valedictorians are female, and then they go to our corporate world and entrepreneur world and we have some things that occur that are basically driving me crazy. I’ll give you an example of what this driving me crazy is. Everybody’s been here hearing that women make 87 cents to the dollar. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Babson College just did a major research. They interviewed women and men who run 1-million-, 5-million-, 50-million- and 250-million-dollar businesses. They interviewed both men and women and they asked, “What are you paying yourself?” Almost 97% of the women paid themselves 87 cents to the dollar of the men.

CHUCK: That’s just kind of amazing to hear. Let me get this right. The women who had the opportunity to influence the pay…

PEGINE: It’s their own pay. Nobody’s telling them… They own the company.

CHUCK: And they pay themselves 87 cents on the dollar to what men are paid, yet they get to control that.

PEGINE: Right, so a man that runs the same-size company pays himself a dollar, let’s say. A woman who runs the same-size company that she also gets to choose whatever she wants to get paid, it doesn’t matter, it’s her company – she pays herself 87 cents.

CHUCK: Okay. So here we are on Straight Talk Radio and we’re straight out of the shoot talking about women in the workplace and issues that really are significant to women and you’re telling me, for what reason I’m not sure, but women… I don’t know, do they see themselves as less valuable than men or is it a cultural stereotype?

PEGINE: Well, it goes back to what value do I have, the confidence that I have in who I am, and what I think I’m worthy of. Now, that is all wrapped around this whole concept of if you hear somebody tell you that – I’m not saying women are elephants, please, but people, all men and women – sometimes are like an elephant where a baby elephant, if they tie it with a chain by their foot to a little stake in the ground, we all know that over time you can take away the stake and take away the chain because that elephant has learned that they can’t break the chains because they started when they were little, little babies and they couldn’t break the chain. Now that’s a big elephant and still believes that chain can hold them when in reality we know that’s not true.

The same thing happens both with men and women. If we have a belief of self-concept, if we believe and have heard usually through media and people around us that women only make 87 cents to the dollar so you’re going to pay yourself that way. You’re going to think that that’s what you deserve because you’ve been told that’s the truth, whether you want to believe that or not, you might not ask the fellow CEO that is running a business. You may not ever say to him, “How much are you earning so I can balance my salary according to what you are?” Right?

It’s the same thing that happens with negotiation skills. This is a perfect example. My daughter is 25 and she went for her first job interview. She is brilliant, smart, and she was going for her first job interview and I took her aside and I said, “We need to coach you. I need to coach you. Let’s look online, find what the range of the salaries are for that particular position.” So we did. The range was like from $30,000 to $42,000. I said, “That’s great. I need you to practice with me to ask for $50,000. I need you to just say, ‘I’m looking for a position that’s $50,000. I know that I can do this job.’” She said, “I can’t say that.” We spent three hours. I said, “I don’t care if you puke, I don’t care if your stomach is sick. They won’t see it if you just do certain things. You just have to be willing to say it. And if you’re willing to say it, then your value is increasing in the eyes of the other person and you’ll be surprised what you get.” So she went in and she couldn’t bring herself to say $50,000, she said $45,000. She walked out with $41,000. Other people are making $30,000 because traditionally what happens, a woman will go in and she won’t negotiate at first job so they won’t even say what the pay is. They’ll say, “Okay,” and then they’ll say, “The pay is $30,000.” “Oh, thank you so much. That’s really great.” A young guy from college will come in and he’ll say, “I deserve $100,000.” “Well, that’s not happening, little boy, but you’re so brave, or whatever, we’ll let you walk with $45,000.” That difference in salary impacts them for the rest of their life.

CHUCK: Right, that does make sense.

PEGINE: Right? So, why does that happen while there’s confidence? There’s a whole sense of having confidence, there’s a whole sense of having presence, there’s a willingness to take risk, there’s a willingness to not necessarily be liked. Since I’ve been myself forever and when you do that, you realize 50% of people are going to love you, 50% of people are going to hate you. Get over it!

CHUCK: That’s makes sense because I’m a baby boomer. I’m 57 and you just said something that just really kind of tripped a certain thing in me. It’s not a popularity contest and there is a certain element and maybe it’s similar in sales, I don’t care if I’m liked. I’m not in it to be liked. I’m in it to accomplish something and so if you don’t like what I say, I’m not going to go home and be emotionally distraught over it. But then again, more than likely, at least I’m going to say for my age group, boys are taught differently than girls as they are reared, therefore the expectation is different. Probably the expectation, at least maybe if you look at the baby boom group is more about females being liked and accepted and valued and so forth as opposed to teaching that value to a human being on the front end so that they know that and don’t have to rely on someone else’s approval to get it.

PEGINE: Right and you hit the nail on the head when you were saying, “Is it a cultural thing? Is it a generational thing?” but it is a gender thing that women like having relationships. They want to be liked. They don’t want to fend and so that impedes the ask or the value. If I ask for a lot of money, even if I’m a CEO, am I taking away from somebody else?

CHUCK: Interesting.

PEGINE: You know? From the prosperity consciousness, and that’s why I really talk all the time about prosperity consciousness, is that we have to really understand that prosperity and abundance is a choice that you make for yourself of how you see the world. When you shift and change how you see the world, then you realize, “How great, if I’m making this much money, that means that you too can make that money.” I keep on wanting people to shift their perspective to say, especially women, “Ask for the money. Ask for the reward, because when you do that, you empower all these other women and your daughters to do the ask.”

What’s fascinating is for men, dads, tons of dads that have daughters, and they’re telling their daughters since the time they’re little, “You’re smart, you’re brilliant. You can do anything, anything!” It’s frustrating when they’re in the office and I hear this from CEOs and senior male managers, it drives them nuts. They don’t know what to say, they can’t say it because of legal issues, but here they see these brilliant, magnificent, strong, powerful females that they want to move up rank, they want them to step up, and they do two things, the women. One, they don’t raise their hands because they feel they have to be perfect for the go for the promotion. Guys would be like, “I know 60%. Hey, I’ll figure it out.” We have to be perfect. In our mind we’ve been trained to think perfect. And then the second thing is that we’ll get that shift in confidence, that hesitation. That moment when we’re on stage or we’re doing a presentation or we’re doing an interview and you might ask her a question and in that moment they might not know how to answer the question and there’s that second hesitation, that little moment that immediately everybody could see, “Oh, she’s not as confident as it sounds.”

CHUCK: Now, with that said, we’re running up on a break so this Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. My guest is Pegine. I’m not going to worry about the last name, remember Pegine. We’re going to talk about the work that she does to help educate, train, empower women to overcome some of the things that we’ve talked about because, again, it’s fascinating to think that a woman could own a company and voluntarily pay herself less than a man, which, by the way, would indicate that either they know what they’re worth and men are overpaid, or the alternative is they’re just missing out. We’ll address some of the tough issues here on Straight Talk Radio. We will be back in just a minute, stay tuned.

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CHUCK: Here we are on Straight Talk Radio. This is Chuck Gallagher with Transformation Talk Radio where we really address a lot of issues that are significant and important to people all across the country and since our population is 50% or greater female, 52% female. I used to work in the death care business, Pegine, and people always said men died two thirds of the time before the women and it was like, “What are you all doing to us? It’s killing me!”

[Chuck and Pegine laugh]

CHUCK: But in any event, when you think of 52% of the population, there are balancing issues that are far different for women than for men. As a guy I don’t mind working on making babies, but I don’t have to stay at home with them or be involved in those issues of child rearing and so forth so there are a lot of women, especially as they are approaching the baby boom years… Let me rephrase that. Those that are baby boomers who are approaching the years of empty nest etc. who had really given a sacrifice quite a bit, who might be entering the workforce or thinking, “What can I do to find some independence and find some revenue and do some things that are meaningful and powerful in my life?” who run across a lot of questions. So, my guest is Pegine and she does speaking in this arena. She talks about leadership, diversity, business principles and empowering women. That’s what we’re talking about here today.

Pegine, let’s look at this part. Maybe there are issues that are generational. What do you see when you look at, you were talking about your daughter earlier, what do you see as your daughter’s perspective versus the perspective of someone who is perhaps a baby boomer?

PEGINE: Oh, this is a great question. It’s a great question because I’ve been coaching two different women. One who’s 64, runs business, has been very successful, and she wants to become a corporate director and she hired me to coach her. I work very specifically with women who are looking to run for public office, women who are seeking corporate director positions, and women who are looking to raise a million dollars in venture capital, doing Shark Tank kind of experience. That’s the coaching piece, but what’s been very interesting in talking with this woman who has been incredibly accomplished, brilliant, and her confidence level entering this new opportunity, she’s retired, she’s ready to go to this new opportunity, her confidence level is what we’re working on because she’ll get shaky. She’s have all this, “But what if they don’t want me. What if they don’t do it?” which before she couldn’t care less about, but in the process, it’s [20:03] that we’ve been talking about this, she said, “I never learned to tell myself I’m great.”

CHUCK: Isn’t that fascinating?

PEGINE: And this woman has achieved tremendous work. She did it on behalf of her family because her father died, she took over the family business, she felt that she had to do this with for the family. She didn’t see herself as being great and amazing and she grew this company incredibly to take care of her family.

The other side is the younger side and they, too, have the same confidence issue. It doesn’t matter if they’re at the end of their careers looking for something new to do or if they are new in their careers. It’s this confidence that really, really needs to be strengthened. If I can give an example of how I would love, the women that are listening, this is for all of you listening, all of you women, because I really need you to get how magnificent you are. I need you to know that it is your responsibility to tell yourself how gorgeous you are.

So here’s the thing, you take a shower in the morning. You get out of the shower and you’re dripping, and you look in the mirror, and you know you’re all touching your face and going, “Eh…” and you’re looking at your belly, and you’re trying to suck in your belly, and you just start with that ripping apart moment when you first get out of the shower looking at yourself. This is before you have makeup and everything else. I want you to think of two separate scenarios where you acted totally different and you were telling somebody else how magnificent they were.

The first one is you dog lovers. You have your dog, it’s pouring outside. Your dog went outside, rolled in the mud, coming in the back door and you see your dog and you love your dog. That dog comes into the back of your house and you go [gasps] “Who’s a little doggie? Don’t you go get Mommy wet, No, no, no,” and they shake and they shake and they shake and all the dirt goes over and you don’t scream at them. You go, “I love you, I love you, you dirty little dog,” and you just shower that dog and love even though they’re muddy and wet.

The second scenario is for you who are moms. You had no problem when your kids were little and the mucus is coming out of their nose, and they’re sweaty, and they’re sick, and they’re in bed, and maybe they even puke on you, and you took that child and you said, “I love you. I love you so much. You’re the best thing. I’m so sorry that you have to suffer through this. It will be okay. I love you so much.” We have no problem doing that. I am going to challenge you to treat yourself as well as you treat a wet dog and a sick child so when you get out of that shower, you look into the mirror and you say, “I love you. You’re magnificent.” This is before you put your makeup on. You tell yourself in the mirror, “I am worth magnificence.” Let me tell you something else, you have to set a timer. I want you to first do it for 10 seconds. Some of you will burst into tears because it’s the first time you looked at yourself and fell in love with yourself. I want you every day to add another 10 seconds. You should be able in a few months to spend 5 minutes looking in your eyes, not moving at all, and be absolutely in love with who you are.

CHUCK: Pegine, it’s interesting that our conversation has kind of moved in that direction because it’s so fascinating to me at a deeper, spiritual, soul level to wonder, in one sense of the word, how it is that we have these perceptions of ourselves and some not very nice. I mean, I have a number of friends, one in particular, who is… Well, let’s put it this way, she will make the comment that, “I feel like I’m being judged,” but the harshest judge she has is herself and it’s like, “You’ve got to let it go. You’re magnificent,” and it’s so interesting that other people in many cases can see your magnificence when we ourselves, when we look in the mirror, don’t.

PEGINE: I call that self-abuse and we would never allow anybody else to talk to us the way we talk to ourselves. It requires, and this is the work that I do and the work that I love, it requires us to really take full responsibility for taking actions of falling in love with ourselves and to think powerfully. I carry with me something called the Purple Book, which is a small, little notebook, blank papers, but over time when I think thoughts that are wonderful, those moments when you feel so good about life, when you feel so powerful, “Yeah, I am, I am,” I take that book and I write the thoughts that I’m thinking at that moment. So that thought may be, “You are magnificent, you are great. Damn girl, you look good,” I’ll put that thought in that book. I carry the book with me because sometimes I forget what I want to think about me and that’s when the negative stuff will come in. What you need to do is have a book of the thoughts you want to think about yourself. That book is more important than any book that you could ever read or write because when you have that book with the thoughts that you want to think about yourself, that tells you what you’re supposed to think about yourself, and trust that.

CHUCK: That’s interesting. You say, “Sometimes I forget the thoughts that I want to think about me.” It’s very powerful as we come up on this next break. It’s very powerful for people who are listening to the show. If you think about Transformation Talk Radio, how do we transform? What takes place in our lives? There’s plenty of negative input that can take place, some from the outside, some that we got as children. Some of us, I use it metaphorically, have been tied to our little stake with the chain on it and as we have grown, somehow we still have programmed in our heads that we can’t break those chains that bind us. Well, it’s not a chain, but sometimes we have to be reminded of that. Sometimes it takes people like Pegine who works with folks literally around the country and changing and transforming their mindset to see the magnificence of who they are. This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. We’ll be back right after this break.

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CHUCK: Well, this is Chuck Gallagher and we’re back with Straight Talk Radio. On the Transformation Talk Radio Network one of the things we do is we try to talk about issues that are significant. Now, we have all kinds of people on the show, we’ve had Nido Qubein who’s talked about High Point University and education. We have the folks from University of North Georgia where we’ve talked about ethics and the BB&T Center for Ethics. We have all kinds of guests, but I have to say, this has been a very fun show to do.

My guest, her first name is Pegine and she obviously understands as a female what ladies go through and the issues that are involved with how you’re able to really either enter the workforce, because you were talking about coaching your daughter and what she could ask, or those people that have had incredible success, the 67-year old you are coaching, who I found fascinating. You said she was doing it for her family, not for herself, but it was this almost, “I succeed self-sacrificially because of my family,” and then when it comes to doing it just for her, finds, “Okay, what now?”

PEGINE: Absolutely, absolutely and that is very, very normal to see. I did this for everybody else and you’re baby boomers right now, they work, they work, they work for this result: to take care of the family, to make sure everybody was provided for. Now it’s their time and what does that look like? And here’s something fascinating. I have to share this. So, my mom retired from the New York City Board of Education. She was one of the highest senior ranking women. She retired when she was 50. She’s 85 now and we were just talking about this the other day. Her greatest regret is that she never went after another career. She was supposed to retire, but she never went after another career and she never went after at the point where she could say, “I don’t care what you think of me. This is what I’m doing. Move out of my way. This is my time,” and that’s the piece that we have to make sure that women know.

CHUCK: We were, just for purposes of reference for the folks that are listening, this is recorded live. You may hear some background noise. We are at the National Speakers Association Convention in San Diego which has been a great meeting. One of the things that came up in the meeting was this whole concept of retirement. We had this thing called Speak Tank that Pegine and I both were involved with in terms of listening to and one gentleman said he worked with social security. One of the comments that came from the stage was, “Maybe baby boom generation doesn’t think of retirement.” Now, in honesty, some of us can’t think of retirement because there’s just not enough set aside or we don’t want to. So, there’s a whole gaggle of folk out there and certainly a lot of females who were like your mother in a position who could have had a complete second career and their minds need to be open and empowered to being able to find that for themselves.

PEGINE: This is where it’s so exciting. I created an online program for people to start changing their mindset about themselves, specifically designed for women, because one of the powerful things about women I believe that I’m on this mission to have 100 million women worldwide earn, raise or have a million dollars.

CHUCK: Ooh, I like that.

PEGINE: There’s a whole mindset what’s going on between our ears to get to that point. You may not know, I was in a gang when I was a teenager, my sister was a prostitute and a local junkie, Dad got… I have the whole little violence story. It totally shifted my life, changed, did a lot of different kind of careers, moved a rank, but one of the things that I had wanted to do for myself was to get that million dollars. I know society was saying… “I just have to do it.” I really get annoyed when I see the statistics so I heard that only 3% of woman businesses are a million dollars. I have to break that! So I was able to break that, to break through the million dollar market.

What I learned from that wasn’t the work that needs to be done because you all work so freaking hard. It’s not about the work, it’s about what you think about yourself and apply to the work that you do. So, here we have the women that are listening to this and the men, so I created the That’s a program to begin to think about what do you need to do to think about being a millionaire? What do you need to think to raise a million dollars? And here’s the stuff, you’re going to hear people saying, “Well, I don’t want to raise… I don’t want to be a millionaire. I don’t want to do that.” Well, think about this, how about raising a million dollars for the local hospital? How about raising a million dollars for local schools? How about running for political office and you’ll need to raise money? And I say a million dollars. If you want to raise $500,000, how can you, as where you are right now, make a difference in the society by moving and transforming your mindset in your head so that you can raise your prosperity, raise your abundance and then serve the community that you’re in? And it doesn’t mean that you’re working any harder than you’re already working because you’re already working hard. It’s just your head and how you’re working at it. So go to

CHUCK: I love that, Now, I’m assuming that the program that people would receive there is an online opportunity to be able to interact and to help change the mindset what’s between the ears.

PEGINE: You’ll have some videos that we do, but you’ll get 90 days of unlimited access with me. That means you’ll have an hour coaching call with me, you’ll be able to email me in the middle of the night, “Oh, my God, I’m thinking this thing!” Email me. I’m telling you, I’m on a mission over here. My staff is going crazy with this promotion because, “Hello, you’re one person,” but I totally believe that I was given a mission and please know, if I can do it, you can do it. Trust me on this. “You don’t understand where I’m at with the credit card debt. You don’t understand all the debts that I have. You don’t understand…” You have no idea how much I understand that. I stopped using credit cards. Now it’s over 9 years ago. I only use cash or debit card. I was so scared. How will I survive? Guess what? I’m here! I’m talking to you. I had to learn how to think differently.

The other thing that I wanted to tell people is that I have a new book out that you can download called 50 Secret of Feisty, Fearless, Focused, Fun Female Leaders. Actually, I have this chant so all of you listening can do this, it’s, “Be feisty, be fearless, be focused, have fun. I got the power, you got to power, we got the power!”

CHUCK: Oh. I like that! [chuckles] It’s cute and it’s something that would stick in your mind. I’m fascinated, before we go to our last break, I’m fascinated by this whole concept that you’ve got this mission. You obviously have accomplished this for yourself, but I have to guess, and maybe we need to talk about this in the next segment, we can get into a little bit of it now, but I have to guess there was something that clicked within you that shifted your mindset. What took place? Where were you? I know where you’ve come, but where were you and what happened to cause that to click?

PEGINE: This is great. The click moment for me was, I’d been running my business and it definitely was not a million-dollar business. Moving along and I realized after 9/11 I really had an awareness of if something should happen to me, how will my family be taken care of? And if something happened to me, how can I impact future generations? And the other piece was, if something happened to me, I know I’m smart, I know I’m capable, I know that I am strong, I know that I have persistence, I was struggling with prosperity. This whole concept was, “I’ve got to get this. I really do.” I was on a mission. “I’ve got to get this.”

I started taking, oh, my Gosh, every free business course that I could take through this small business administration and [38:48]. I started looking at books and reading books. I’m a big believer of The Science of Getting Rich, which is a free book you can get online. And all of you listening, I could give it to you for free. Go to this place called, you’ll see something that says “Kiwi”, you put my name, Pegine, and within an instant, you’ll get The Science of Getting Rich for free. It’s right there. So you just go to, type in my name, Pegine, and the book will come out and I think I have another little book thing so it’ll all be there for you. But I started studying those things and started realizing, “Oh, my Gosh! I have so much in my life.” Really! When you start looking at all the things, the fact that we’re not talking naked is a great service to the rest of this world.

CHUCK:[laughs] I can tell you, it is on my end because I don’t think people would want to see it.

PEGINE: But that is a prosperity mindset of how grateful that we have it, how grateful that we can be at this convention, how grateful that we have this technology that you can hear this information. The more that I started focusing on that, all that was working and learning techniques, everything started to change. Can I give you another example?

CHUCK: Absolutely.

PEGINE: Every time you look at your bills that come, most people go, “Uuh, I have to pay the bills,” and all that. The truth that matters that you already used the service so instead of going, “Uuh,” you should be going looking at the bill saying, “Thank you, that was great that we had electricity this month. How cool that we had lights and I didn’t have to do candles? Hey, how cool that we have a water bill that goes into washing machine and I don’t have to do this by hand? How cool is that? Thank you, thank you for that abundance that I could have it.”

It sounds amazing, crazy, wonderful, but the more you start focusing on those things and you start saying, “Thank you for what you have,” things just start clicking and happening. Literally money starts coming to you. I don’t mean it to sound like [generates a high-pitched sound] but it’s kind of like that. It’s like noticing that things, noticing the goodness in your life and it goes back to what we were talking about earlier; falling in love with yourself. How could we hurt something so magnificent as ourselves? You, myself, your listeners are exactly here right now to do something really special and you’re doing it every day the way you look at the child that you’re raising, the way you look at your mom. My mom has suffered a brain stroke and a spinal stroke and she’s in a wheelchair. How cool that I can even see her? Some people ask me, “How do you balance it all?” Last week my son-in-law was rushed to the emergency, my dad was rushed to the emergency and we were just so grateful. You know why? They were in the same hospital. One was on the second floor, one was on the third floor of the same hospital so I could go with ease going up and down. Stuff happens, but I had to appreciate the goodness of it and they’re both fine, so thank you for your good wishes. They’ll be fine. Dad is 89, stuff happens. My son-in-law is doing fine, stuff happens, but it’s how you deal with the stuff.

CHUCK: Well, that’s what we’re about here on Transformation Talk Radio with Straight Talk. My guest is Pegine and we are going to circle back after this break and talk a bit about the programs that she offers, the ability to tap into that mindset. That’s incredible and that’s what this whole show is all about. So, stick with us, we’ll be back in just a minute.

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CHUCK: My guest is Pegine. She is the CEO of Team Pegine and also she has a brand new website. We’re going to circle back to that in a second, but I guess the best way to put it is we started this show, Straight Talk Radio, with the idea that we would talk about issues that are women’s issues because we know that 52% of society, at least in the United States, is female and for many females they’re challenged with getting into or back into the workforce. Not to say that men don’t have their own challenges. If you’re a 50- or 60-year old male and all of a sudden you find that you’re downsized because there’s someone younger or technology has eliminated the position, there are many people that are struggling with figuring out, “How do I step back into this?”

Before we took our last break, we got to talking about mindset. Pegine said that there was this moment when she started to look at things differently. When we went to break, I asked this question and Pegine made a comment, she says, “I’m a huge Catherine Ponder fan.” For those of you that don’t know, Catherine Ponder wrote the book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, which I think is an absolutely masterful book and it is a life-changer and a mind-changer and obviously, that’s connected in your life and has made a significant difference.

PEGINE: Very much. I have absolute rituals that I do on a daily basis so I do a journal. I always do journaling and it’s a gratitude journal. The gratitude journal is I always write my gratitudes. I also write three gratitudes about my husband. I’ve been married 30 years. Sometimes those three things are really hard to find, sometimes I’m like, “I love you so much.”

I do that and I also go into deep meditation, a deep meditation of appreciation. I truly believe that there is energy, substance. How ever the words you want to use to describe it for yourself, a higher power, God, whatever it is, that is there. What I love is figuring out how can I use the power within to create the outcomes? I truly believe in prosperity and abundance and I was showing you earlier that one of the fun things I like to do is I look at the wallet, I always take cash and I put it in the wallet. “Oh, my Gosh, let’s see how long this is going keep on evolving and changing.” I’ll find dollars everywhere and I put it in my wallet. It’s just amazing, the things that occur, because I’m always looking for them. I think that’s something really important, but I wanted to share a really interesting story. This is how much I believe in this.

Two years ago my company was called on a Tuesday, three weeks before Memorial Day, could my company do the Vietnam Veterans 50th Memorial in the National Mall in three weeks? They had their keynote speaker and they had their M.C. So the keynote speaker was President Obama, my M.C. was Tom Selleck, but they had nothing done! And you are talking tenting, so it was the White House Secret Service, all branches of the Military, obviously members of Congress were going to be there. It was the first time the President, any President, has ever said to Vietnam Veterans, “Welcome home and thank you for your service.” It was the first official proclamation ever. So we were going to have 10,000 people.

We started going through this. What people don’t know is that was a Tuesday, I put everybody to [49:16] for Wednesday, I got a team together to handle this all. We awarded the contract on Friday. I only had $3,000 in my bank account. I had to raise a lot of money real fast because now we had over 1,000 staff that I was hiring within a week and I was having 23 vendors to support us, all who wanted to be paid cash beforehand. Through this whole sense of consciousness and a series of wonderful incidence, I was able to get a down payment from the Government, put it in my account that Friday night to be able to hire everybody.

Then the Thursday night before the event, so Thursday night, Memorial Day was going to be that Monday, right? We had already paid 50% down. Our vendors said if we do not pay them, the complete package on that Friday morning they were going to pull out. I had to have $850,000 in my account to distribute to all the vendors and security and all that. Well, the $300,000 that I already had had already been parceled out so I have a motto. It’s all over my office, “Impossible is possible,” and it’s this rock n’ roll angel guy that I had that looks like a punk. I’ll send you a picture of him. We have it all over, “Impossible is possible,” and I just went, “Impossible is possible.” My staff was like, “What are we going to do? Are you crazy? Where are you going to get that money from?” I said, “You don’t worry about it. Impossible is possible. There’s no way that I would ever be put in this situation. I am the absolute perfect person to do this because these men and women need to be honored and there’s no way that the Universe would not have provided me this opportunity if I did not have a way to receive this money. So you all go to bed,” I sent them all off to bed and I just said, “All right, Universe, you do your thing. Impossible is possible. I know it’ll happen.”

Five o’clock in the morning, there had been approval given, this is so amazing, this is like an incredible story. Five o’clock in the morning, another government agency who was able to go into the computer system and press something called ‘Suspend’, which means that it stops the normal bureaucracy and they get approval for somebody to make this emergency. Well, it turns out, and nobody knew who this person was. It was kind of like nobody knows. Well, we found out later that the person that approved it happened to have been in one of my seminars with her daughter three years ago, reads my books, her daughter has my song on her phone. When they saw the name come through, they approved it.

CHUCK: Oh, that is absolutely fascinating and amazing. Impossible became possible.

PEGINE: Absolutely and it is just knowing that you will always, always, always have the solution, you will always be provided by a source, you will always have the supply. If you truly believe that you are lovable, capable, worthwhile and valuable, and you are.

CHUCK: Pegine, I want you to remind the audience again how to get in touch with you and your new website.

PEGINE: Okay, my new website is The information about the coaching program is If you go to, the new website will be launched probably by the time this airs and you’ll be able to sign up and get my new book, which is The 50 Secrets of Feisty, Fearless, Focused, Fun and Fabulous Females. And I want people to remember, no matter whether you’re driving the car right now, no matter who you are, I want you to snap your fingers and think, “Be feisty, be fearless, be focused, have fun! I got the power, you got the power, we got the power!”

CHUCK: As folks listen to the show here on Straight Talk Radio, I have to say this has been an incredibly powerful show and I think especially whether it’s females or males, although I know your market is obviously in the female market, but the reality of it is the mindset that we have controls so much. What’s between our ears is much more significant than the steps that we physically take or how our arms move in doing whatever it is that we might do. I have to say, I’m just amazed with the incredible power of your focused thought and belief, because the power and belief, and I see a lot of people as you do, who are magnificent. Once they get out of their own way or once they clear out the stake and the chain on the little elephant that was planted on them whenever they were so small. It doesn’t have to be that way and you are living proof of that. Let me encourage everyone as we wrap the show up to go to or give your coaching website.


CHUCK: Okay, guys. Let me just share this with you. If you want your significant other to be a, you might want to encourage a visit to that site. Put it in your bookmarks, put it in your history, but go there. You will be impressed with what Pegine brings to the table and the transformative power that exists here.

This is Chuck Gallagher with Straight Talk Radio. It is always an honor to know that there are people out there who are listening, who are finding things that transform their lives through the miracle of modern technology and the ability to broadcast that and podcast that. Stay tuned again next week and we’ll have another show. Once again, thank you and remember, every choice has a consequence.

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