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Blackface – Confederate flag wearing Catholic High School Students – Who teaches Ethics?

I am a student of history and I live in the south. There are images and symbols such as the Confederate flag and people smearing on blackface that resonate deeply and with great pain. In all seriousness, I believe the south has dealt much more honestly and openly with these symbols than the north.

BLACKFACEIt was more than with a little bit of disgust that I read of four students at a Long Island, New York Catholic High School (St. Anthony’s High School, South Huntington) getting expelled for putting on blackface and draping themselves in the Confederate flag.

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Bottom Line or Business Ethics – Which is more Important? Judith Samuelson’s article discusses – Chuck Gallagher Business Ethics Speaker comments…

There have been a flurry of articles lately about what and how business schools teach business ethics.  The most recent, an article written by Judith Samuelson on the HUFF Post Business section states the following:  “Research conducted by the Aspen Institute suggests that ethics IS taught in business schools, and, increasingly, with an eye to making it stick by embedding it in orientation programs, “learning journeys,” core course work and hands-on experience.”

Judith SamuelsonIt is in the first part of her article that I take exception.  As a business ethics speaker and author I see first hand what seems to be the norm for business ethics offerings in b-schools and it’s pathetic – at least that’s my opinion.  Samuelson goes on to say, “Business ethics goes by many names and the vast majority of schools in the Institute’s ranking of business schools require ethics or something that goes by the name of “social responsibility,” “social enterprise,” “social impact” or “leadership and values.””

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